Cultured Organic Ghee – 16 oz

The Ideal Cooking Fat: Geeta Ghee

Geeta Ghee is cooked for a very long time using a traditional Indian method to remove the milk solids and excess water while retaining the nutritional benefits of organic, pasture-raised ghee. Ghee, which has a rich, buttery flavor and aroma, is what is left.

Original and Pure

Use our ghee in the same way as you would butter. It works well for baking, topping toast or pancakes, and sautéing over high heat because 

  • it has a greater smoke point than butter.
  • Zero Casein
  • Lacks lactose
  • GMOs are not present.
  • Zero Salt

Cultured Ghee for Healthy Diet

Although ghee is high in fat, it also contains a lot of monounsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. These beneficial fats support heart and circulatory system health. Studies show that incorporating ghee into a healthy diet can help reduce risky cholesterol levels.

No more Waiting

So stop waiting now. Get your 16-oz cultured ghee and start fresh with your health and palate.

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