Cultured Organic Ghee – 9 oz

In accordance with a time-honored Indian technique, Geeta Ghee is simmered for a long period of time to extract the milk solids and extra water while keeping the nutritious value of pasture-raised organic ghee. What is left is ghee, which has a rich, buttery flavour and aroma.

Make Your Daily Cooking Tasty

Use our ghee just like you would use butter. It’s great for baking, as a topping for vegetables, toast or pancakes and it has a higher smoke point than butter so it’s great for high-heat sautéing.

  • No Casein
  • No Lactose
  • No GMOs
  • No Salt

With Taste Comes Health

Ghee has a lot of fat, but it also has a lot of monounsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. These good fats aid in maintaining a healthy heart and circulatory system. According to studies, including ghee in a balanced diet can help lower dangerous cholesterol levels.

Choose the Best

So, wait no more. Grab your 9-oz cultured ghee and give your palate and your health a new beginning. 

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