Valacha Vegan – 9 oz

Valacha Seasoning gives you a taste of South Asia and the Himalayas.The one-stop seasoning for perking up your monotonous taste receptors. Make your meals tasty, quick, and simple by flavouring your food with Jibro Foods Valacha.

What is Valacha Vegan 

On days where you want to go vegan yet in a spicy way Valacha Vegan comes to rescue. It is a spice blend made out of dry veggies, herbs, and spices. You can reduce the work of chopping and over-spicing your favourite food on days when you’re busy or exhausted from work. Just season your prepared dish with valacha vegan  flavour to quickly satisfy your appetites. 

Why Use It?

  • Easy to use
  • Full of veggies and seasonings
  • Quick to use

Buy Now

Why wait much longer? when you  have the best seasoning right here. Have a yearning for vegan fried rice but in a doubt if it is gonna be as delish as non veg seasonings? It is going to be full of authentic yumminess. Prepare your meal quickly, season it with Valacha vegan and head to work feeling full! Get the 9 oz package of Valacha vegan to enjoy the real delicacy.

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