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Jibro Foods was born from a desire to bring modern consumers authentic foods rooted in tradition. Ranging from premium Valacha Seasoning to super healthy Ghee, we have a delectable range of ingredients on our shelves. We source locally and prepare everything in our catalog, here, in Washington State.

We Offer The Best

From sourcing to production to distribution, our aim at Jibro Foods is to supply the best quality foods, flavors and experiences to our customers. Whether it is from locally sourced ingredients or the boxes our delicious products ship in, we offer only the best quality options to assure you and your customers will be delighted at every step.



Are your customers hardcore foodies or are you a bulk supplier that believes in sourcing the most authentic food products? Jibro Foods brings you the savor of organically sourced and manufactured healthy ingredients. From Organic Ghee to savory Valacha, we deliver nothing less than exceptional value and authentic yumminess to our clients. Our products are like not other and it shows in the flavor of every dish cooked.



Are you looking for something that can bring traditional Indian, Brazilian and Mediterranean flavors to your plate? Jibro Foods is the perfect amalgamation of authentic and traditional cuisines that you will get to savor in one place. Apart from a varied range of traditional foods, we are also known for our finest, most flavorful Ghee, which is a critical ingredient for making delicious foods. Our delectable, grass-fed Ghee is made with fermented butter which packs the richness, flavor, and nutritional value that is only found in high-quality Ghee.

We combine all aspects of our production and delivery to provide excellent value for our customers and your customers with premium food products.

Why Choose Us

From day one, Jibro Foods has been committed to setting the gold standards for food distribution in the USA and across the world.

With our multi-channel distribution and top-notch, transparent, and non-negotiable quality standards, we provide genuine products that transcend every other. We supply your needs when your needs arise.

What We Offer



At Jibro Foods, our products are conceived and produced with the knowledge of ancient recipes passed down through generations.


Jibro Food ensures that all of its products are natural and produced with organic processes. No synthetic preservatives. No anti-caking additives or coagulants. Milk products are rBST-Free for a healthier product.


 Modern technologies and processes mean only the cleanest, healthiest products make it to your shelves and your customers’ dinner tables. 


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