All About Organic Ghee: Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

All About Organic Ghee: Nutritional Values and Health Benefits | Jibro Foods

All About Organic Ghee: Nutritional Values and Health Benefits

Do you love Organic Ghee? Do you put it in your chapati, dal, or rice? If yes, then you must be a Ghee lover. Right? Ghee has many health benefits, which makes it a valuable food of Ayurveda. Organic Ghee is used in every recipe in some homes because of its nutritional value. But have you ever thought about their benefits? How is Ghee prepared? Then you have chosen the right platform. Read on to learn the health benefits of Organic Ghee. 

What is Organic Ghee?

Organic Ghee is prepared from organic, clarified butter: the milk has been rendered from butter by removing milk solids, water, and impurities. What remains is shelf-stable cooking oil, casein-free, and lactose-free that solidifies at room temperature. So, due to these reasons, Ghee does not need to be refrigerated. It has a high flash point of 485 degrees, making it ideal for cooking, grilling, and baking.

The Health Benefits of Organic Ghee

At Jibro Foods, we are dedicated to incorporating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for simple, modern-day use. Organic Ghee, which originated in India as an important component of Ayurvedic, is now popular among western consumers.

  • Organic Ghee is a versatile cooking oil and can use in place of butter or any other cooking oil. It’s an ideal choice to spread over pancakes and toast. While cooking it improves the taste of fried eggs, sauteed or roasted vegetables, and seafood by giving a delectable flavor. 
  • Organic Ghee is a good source of vitamins A and D, helps ease inflammation, promotes healthy digestion, and is extremely nourishing and healing for all tissues of the body.  It helps in the body’s natural cleansing ability and relieves overall dryness.
  • Apart from its cleansing ability it also helps in digestion. It is deeply hydrating for our skin when taken internally and applied externally. Studies found that Ghee helps in nourishment, flexible tissues, and healthy joints. Jibro Foods Ghee is a certified product, and all of our products are handmade, slow-cooked, and hand-poured.
  • The ghee comes in two flavors: organic ghee and flavored ghee. While our organic ghee goes well with most foods and baked goods, our flavored ghee pairs especially well with seafood, pasta, and sautéed vegetables. Perfect cooking oil that goes well with oatmeal, sweet potatoes, baked apples, and toast.
  • Ghee is assumed to be the best oil in Ayurveda for nourishing the body, mind, and supporting balanced digestion. It has been used for centuries as a digestive and elimination aid, as well as for energy, skin and eye health, joint lubrication, and blood alkalinization. It is also a healthy fat that helps to support and calm the central nervous system.

Wrap Up 

You can use Organic Ghee on a daily basis. Jibro Foods is certified organic and committed to providing the best Ghee brand in the USA. We strive to provide the highest quality ghee-based products while also educating consumers about the health benefits of Organic ghee and Ayurveda. We created our ghee to reach as many people as possible with the many healing benefits of Ghee. 

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